Monday, February 20, 2012

WMFS Spring Fundraising Drive: Using all of our resources (including money) to establish sustainable networks beyond the modern monetary system.

The paradox of asking for money to support a mission that revolves around creating moneyless systems is a rich one. In recognition of this paradox, I would like to share one point that has, in recent months, become crystal clear for me: In order to continue and thrive through this time of transition, we must ensure that every one of our skills, talents and tools is actively in use. I have found this assertion to be true on many levels- from personal to global. Undeniably, money is still one of our most effective and powerful tools, especially when used in conjunction with our incredible collective skill set, values and wisdom.

Incongruent as it may seem, we intend to walk this line of contradiction consciously and mindfully, to an ends that is different than where we are today. And in this way, a lot of good can be done with a relatively small amount of dollars.

The WMFS mission is an evolving document, and it has changed as our work has become more and more clear. What seems to be emerging through WMFS (and many other projects, locally and across the planet), are networks in which people are able to collaborate and tap into the wealth of the whole, in ways that are nurturing, sustaining and healthy.

Amazing. It certainly takes a village. I'm glad I'm living in this little one called Earth. Here's to sharing with friends and neighbors!

Thank you kindly for your support.

Warm Regards,

West Marin Freeskool

Donations may be mailed to:

PO Box 683

Point Reyes Station, CA 94956

Please make checks out to our fiscal sponsor Mow&Sow. Your donation to WMFS is tax-deductable. Please include a SASE if you would like a receipt.

Our goal in the next month is to raise $3000 for the coming quarter (That's $300 for calendar design and layout, $300 for printing, $1500 stipend for administration, plus an additional one-time cost of $750 for a new website, and $150 to go towards class materials, fees and other misc.)

Consider this, your tax-deductible donation of:

$10 will allow for the printing and distribution of a small stack of spring calendars. When you see them out and about you can smile and think to yourself, I helped get those there!

$25 could help a local teacher pay for the rental of a community space, giving them the means to host a class that they otherwise may not have been able to.

$50 will compensate a wonderful individual for over two hours of data entry or email correspondence, crucial to the framework of the project- and crucial to our good eating habits ;-)

$75 will cover one tenth of the cost for our new website and help a lovable local web designer pay his rent.

$100 will cover one third of the cost to design the spring calendar. When you see it, you can really own any complaints about what you may not like about it, since you helped make it happen. Just kidding, it's going to be gorgeous!

And onwards and upwards! You get the idea. Your donations will be immediately put to work, and benefit the community directly through improved access to learning and skill sharing, as well as compensating the good work efforts of real local people. We'll keep you posted on how we're progressing on meeting our fundraising goal through regular emails (if you're not on the freeskool email list, now would be a great time to sign up

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