•  Vision

 West Marin Free Skool supports lifelong learning through a collaborative network of individuals sharing skills and knowledge. It is our aim within this community web to provide resources for living bountifully, joyfully, mindfully; and within our natural means and resources.

  • Free Learning

 West Marin Free Skool provides unlimited access to the skill set and knowledge base of the entire community. By creating a structure that is easy to plug in to, WMFS empowers people of all ages and backgrounds through an open invitation to teach. While the calendar of classes is as diverse as the individuals who choose to contribute, WMFS holds our vision by promoting classes that focus on re-skilling, arts, music, communication, consciousness, health, recreation, critical thinking and creative expression. 

Classes are offered as a gift by all-ages members of the community, for all-ages members of the community, free of charge.  

  • Rebuilding Social Fabric

 Participating in lifelong learning creates new opportunities to pursue activities that allow our "doing" to align with our "being." While sharing these activities with others, we have a foundation for building meaningful relationships. By consciously removing money from this exchange, we shift our motivation from monetary compensation to a more fulfilling definition of giving and receiving. 
This generous approach to daily life broadens both our social circles and our minds, thus strengthening the fabric of our social networks and wholly enriching our lives.