Thursday, January 19, 2012

Now Accepting Class Proposals for Spring Quarter! MARCH through MAY 2012

Sign up to teach!
What would you like to gain better understanding of?
The answer to this question holds the perfect theme of your Freeskool offering.

Deadline for Spring quarter class applications is Sunday, February 5th.
We're looking for classes, workshops and gatherings dedicated to, but not limited to:

communication and facilitation
safe space for open dialog
handcrafts, wood and metal working
fiber arts and crafts
fine arts and music
gardening and permaculture
social architecture and circle systems
dance and creative expression
exercise and fitness
food preparation and preserving
strengthening knowledge of self

The other requisites are that the class is free (sometimes it's acceptable to request small donations for materials or fees but no one may be turned away for lack of funds), supports community building and encourages personal growth.

You decide when, where and how often your class meets (Spring Quarter runs March-May 2012). You decide how you teach and what the format is. You decide who the class is for (adults/ children/ all ages/ men only/ women only/ couples/ etc.) You will be asked to do a certain amount of your own promotion, the extent of which will be determined by your energy and dedication to creating a successful draw, and attend one Teacher Orientation at the beginning of the quarter.
If you don't see your idea here, feel free to make a proposal. We'll let you know if, for some reason, we don't think it's a great match with freeskool. And even if we decide not to publish your class in the calendar, there's nothing stopping you from hosting and promoting your class on your own.

To get started, simply fill out the form HERE, or follow the TEACH link at the top of this page.
It will guide you through all of the details that we need to publish your class through the West Marin Freeskool quarterly calendar. And feel free to reach out to us if you could use a suggestion or two. We aren't all-knowing, but have learned a few tricks over the past year.

Remember, the deadline for Spring quarter class applications is Friday, February 3rd.

Warm wishes,
june and west marin freeskool

PS Pass it on! Please feel free to extend the invitation to host a class to friends, neighbors, relatives and by all means use it as an excuse to approach mysterious and clearly intelligent strangers.

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