Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exciting developments in the works 

for West Marin Freeschool!

One of the greatest challenges to the viability of WMFS has been in finding no-cost hosting spaces for our teachers. It will bring great relief to the foundation of the network, as well as great delight, to be able to offer a consistent option for meeting space, classroom, and outdoor lands, to support lifelong learning. 

An exceptional schoolhouse for children 

& multi-genterational lifelong learning

West Marin Free School founder June McCrory has been working for many months with visionary entrepreneur Alden Bevington to lay the groundwork for a new children's K-6th grade school in Inverness. 
During weekdays, Inverness Valley School will be a uniquely exceptional learning grounds for Kindergarten through 6th graders, built from best practices of a number of time-tested pedagogies (detailed here). 
In the evening and off-school hours, the schoolhouse will be a community continuing learning center,  as home and convening place for the West Marin Freeschool. 

Supported by the foundation of an Educational Land Trust 

Inverness Valley School founders and advisors are working to fundraise to purchase a specific piece of property in West Marin, California, which is now on the market. The intention is to hold this land in an educational land trust so that the learning environment is preserved for the community for generations to come. 

Learn more about how lifelong learning is 

building a home base in West Marin at 


Offer your support and help by calling (415) 323-8803. 

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  1. This freeschool must be fully furnished now, hoping we can see some photos. It is also very interesting and perfect place for teaching and learning old house for sale